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1945 Team-Signed National League “All-Star Program”

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1945 Team-Signed National League “All-Star Program”

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This program/scorecard is about VG qualified by a moderate/heavy horizontal crease. Its signatures include Bill Barnacle (Minneapolis), Gil Brack, Jim Carlin, Hugh Casey, Bobby Coombs (Jersey City), trong>Bill Dickey (not listed in the scorecard), Herman Franks, Charlie Gilbert, Ray Hamrick, trong>Billy Herman, Ray Lamanno, Wes Livengood, Jerry Lonigro (bat boy), Johnny McCarthy, Dee Moore, trong>Stan Musial, Mizell Platt, Wimpy Quinn (Los Angeles), Bob Scheffing, Hank Schenz (Portsmouth), Eddie Shokes (Syracuse), Clyde Shoun, Lou Tost (signed twice), Bob Usher (Birmingham), Larry Varnell, Dick West, Ray Yochim, and two others.

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1945,National League  Bob Scheffing,Charlie Gilbert,Clyde Shoun,Dick West,Hank Schenz,Herman Franks,Hugh Casey,Johnny McCarthy,Ray Lamanno,Wes Livengood

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