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1947 A.A.F.C. Championship Press Pin (Browns vs. Yankees)

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1947 A.A.F.C. Championship Press Pin (Browns vs. Yankees)

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In the economic boom that followed WWII, there emerged a professional football league aimed to compete with the immutable NFL. That new circuit chartered eight teams in 1946 and they comprised the All America Football Conference (A.A.F.C.). The league seemed to be taking root and in their modestly successful second year, 1947, they played a 14-game schedule. The A.A.F.C. was organized into Eastern and Western divisions, thereby promising a single post-season championship duel. When the dust settled in that ’47 season, the Cleveland Browns claimed the Western Division while the New York Yankees won the Eastern Division title. On December 14th, they squared off in Yankee Stadium where the Browns ultimately vanquished New York by a score of 14-3. From that climactic contest, there remains this press pin – demonstrating the event’s keepsake and given to each player and member of the media. Intricately detailed, this pin measures about 7/8″ horizontally. As original, it was fashioned with a hook to accommodate a charm bracelet – and as well, it’s equipped with a threaded post (to include the original nut). It is a splendid memento from that fleeting league, and this one is pristinely NM/MT. As for the legacy of the All America Football Conference, the league folded after the 1949 season. The Browns were absorbed into the NFL, and the Yankees simply melted away (many of its players finding homes in the reorganized NFL).

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