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1947 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Press Pin

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1947 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Press Pin

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Quite a season it was, 1947. The Brooklyn Dodgers had emerged from the war with a positively dynamic nine. With the notable exception of Pee Wee Reese, these Dodgers were composed of basically new faces – a remodeled roster from the one that won the pennant just before Pearl Harbor. In 1947, youngsters Branca, Hodges and Furillo thrilled the nearly two million fans who clicked Ebbets Field’s turnstiles. The real sensations of that season, however, were the 20-year-old rookie phenom Duke Snider, along with the grand milestone of the game, Jackie Robinson. The latter, of course, was the standard bearer who dissolved baseball’s color barrier, and it was Robinson who also registered numbers that season to earn the National League’s MVP. Did we mention, the Dodgers won the pennant in ’47…? They did, and testament to that conquest is evidenced in this offered World Series press pin. (And to disspell any reader’s doubts, this one is genuine.) For those unfamiliar with the ’47 Brooklyn Dodger press pin, it may seem a bit reserved on first consideration. But closer inspection reveals a true masterpiece in design artistry. Most symbolic of the Kings Borough (Brooklyn, that is) is the Brooklyn Bridge, and the motif of this pin delivers a crisply detailed image of one of that structure’s famed towers. It is that image that’s so captivating in this pin – projecting in deep relief from the center. Produced by Dieges & Clust, this particular press pin remains in glorious NM/MT condition. The enamel is perfect (both in its manufacturing application and in its endurance over 60 years). As well, the metallic surfaces are free of any tarnish. And, as should be hoped, the original nut attends the threaded post.   


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