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1949 All-Star Team-Signed Ball (32 Sigs w/DiMaggio, Ted Williams)

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1949 All-Star Team-Signed Ball (32 Sigs w/DiMaggio, Ted Williams)

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Strictly for the purist is this 1949 American League All-Star team-signed ball. It holds 32 different autographs to include trong>all 25 of the players selected, plus the manager, both assigned coaches, two of Boudreau’s Cleveland coaches, a back-up pitcher and the trainer. Essentially, every professional figure in the American League clubhouse participated in the signing. It appears to be an official ball (probably an ONL Frick because the game was played in Ebbets Field), though there are no remaining stampings.

The game was hosted by Brooklyn and it was a barn-burner as the Junior Circuit claimed an 11-7 victory. By 1949, Joe D.’s end was in sight. Plagued by a bone spur in the heel that simply couldn’t be remedied, he was nonetheless enlisted by Boudreau (but not in the balloting). On that day, DiMaggio went two-for-four, scored once, and drove in three runs.

Now, some of these signatures are a bit weak, but all are clean and legible; their strength ranging “2-6”. And despite that eight of those signers are now in the Hall of Fame, we’re particularly impressed with the signing of journeyman Billy Goodman who, it seems, maintained a strong aversion to signing (at least baseballs). On the sweet spot, there appear the signatures of skipper trong>Lou Boudreau and trong>Bill McKechnie (“4”), along with a small notation, “all stars 1949.” Proceeding across the balance of the surfaces, we identify: Joe Grdon, trong>Ted Williams (“6”), Eddie Joost, Vern Stephens, Allie Reynolds, Billy Goodman, Virgil Trucks, Lou Brissie (signed twice), Cass Michaels, Eddie Robinson, George Susce, trong>Bob Lemon, Jim Hegan, Vic Wertz, trong>George Kell, Lefty Weisman (the trainer), trong>Larry Doby (“2”), Mel Harder, Dale Mitchell, Tommy Henrich, Mel Parnell, Dom DiMaggio, Bob Dillinger, Sam Zoldak, Muddy Ruel, trong>Yogi Berra, Birdie Tebbetts,trong> Joe DiMaggio (“6”), Vic Raschi and Alex Kellner.

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1949,American League,Ball  Alex Kellner,Allie Reynolds,Billy Goodman,Birdie Tebbetts,Bob Dillinger,Dale Mitchell,Eddie Joost,Eddie Robinson,George Susce,Jim Hegan,Joe DiMaggio,Lou Brissie,Mel Harder,Mel Parnell,Sam Zoldak,Ted Williams,Tommy Henrich,Vern Stephens,Virgil Trucks

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