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1950’s/60’s Exhibit “Western Stars” Set

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1950’s/60’s Exhibit “Western Stars” Set

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The 64-card composition now offered is quite likely an Exhibit production. It’s comprised of Western entertainment celebrities, most of whom were popular in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s. The cards are Exhibit-sized, and were cast in the stock of that maker’s standard. The theme of the issue is conveyed as a 52-card deck of playing cards that are then supplemented with 12 others identified as “Western Aces.” (The total of 64 different was thus compatible to Exhibit’s production restrictions.) Most of the subjects starred in television series or movies of that era (although a few pre-date the 1950’s). All the major figures of the industry appear, to include Roy Rogers, Audie Murphy, John Wayne, James Garner, Tex Ritter, Chuck Connors and James Arness, to mention a few. At least Near Mint in its entirety, most of these are actually NM/MT; the only distraction to be reported is that a very few evidence mild ink transfer in the printing procedure.

Card,Movie  Audie Murphy,Chuck Connors,James Arness,James Garner,John Wayne,Roy Rogers

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