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1950s Game-Worn Phillies Warm-Up Jacket

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1950s Game-Worn Phillies Warm-Up Jacket

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While the Philadelphia Phillies of the 1950s weren’t exactly the toast of the town, they were most certainly one of the most stylish clubs in the circuit. This Phillies jacket dates to that period, although we can’t conclusively state its issuee. It’s a letterman’s type with a standard zip-up front. The team wore this style of jacket from the late ’40s until 1954. The collar is home to a black Wilson tag and a [size] “46” flag tag. Broadly penned behind the adjoining flag tag is the number “1.” This was placed in a marker of some type but, quite plainly, wasn’t scribed for any misleading intent. Obviously, we’re inclined to identify the jacket (by virtue of the written number) to a very early Richie Ashburn field garment. However, the jacket’s large size and the nature of the markered “1” rather deny such an assumption. Extensive wear is readily apparent with routine soiling to the body as well as to the leather sleeves. The pockets, as to be expected, are leather-reinforced on either end and the Phillies “P” logo is applied in single-color felt. Red and white ribbed knit neck, sleeve and waist trim links this to our estimate of its vintage. A very minor fabric split appears on the left shoulder seam.

100% Authentic Team

Game-Worn,Philadelphia Phillies  Richie Ashburn

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