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1952-56 Topps Baseball Collection

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1952-56 Topps Baseball Collection

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An excellent and thrifty introduction to a collection of Mid-50s Topps baseball. This collection averages about GD/VG and it’s composed principally of commons with substantial duplication. In greater detail, it features trong>1952 Topps – 37 assorted (35 different) to include Mize, Branca and several semi-high numbers; trong>1953 Topps – 116 assorted (67 different); trong>1954 Topps – 44 assorted (37 different) with Lopat, Roe, Turley rookie, and Billy Herman; trong>1955 Topps – 122 assorted (58 different) w/Zimmer, Lopat, and Herman. The majority of these ’55s are high numbers; and trong>1956 Topps – 267 assorted (160 different). Included in the last are Turley, Reds team, Dodgers team, Orioles team, Red Sox team, Pirates team, Herb Score, Harvey Kuenn, Bill Virdon, Mickey Vernon, Carl Erskine, and Mickey McDermott.

Baseball  Bill Virdon,Billy Herman,Carl Erskine,Harvey Kuenn,Herb Score,Mickey McDermott,Mickey Vernon

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