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1952 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Ball (31 Sigs. w/Newhouser, Lyons, Ferrell)

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1952 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Ball (31 Sigs. w/Newhouser, Lyons, Ferrell)

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Faintly visible on this ball is the stamping that affirms it’s an OAL (Harridge). But there’s little apology to express in this one. It’s from the era that many of us fondly regard as baseball’s Golden Age – 1952 – and immediately it’s recognized as holding the roster of that season’s Detroit Tigers. These are firm signatures; all cleanly legible, ranging from “5” to “7” in quality. We might also add that they’re distributed over the ball’s surface (all 31 of them) with uncanny precision. That the ball dates to ’52 is evidenced by its inclusion of one-year Tigers Dick Littlefield and Ken Johnson. Aside from those transients, there are detailed here: trong>Hal Newhouser and Art Houtteman on one sweet spot, and at the other sweet spot are penned Paul Foytack and Joe Ginsberg. The panels then hold Matt Batts, Johnny Groth, Steve Souchock, Neil Berry, trong>Ted Lyons, Ted Gray, Vic Wertz, trong>George Kell, Jerry Priddy, Don Kolloway, Ben Taylor, Hoot Evers, Hal White, Cliff Mapes, Pat Mullin, Bob Swift, trong>Rick Ferrell, Dizzy Trout, Virgil Trucks, Johnny Lipon, Red Rolfe, Fred Hutchinson, Wayne McLeland, Dick Bartell, and Marlin Stuart.

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1952,Ball,Detroit Tigers,Signed  Art Houtteman,Ben Taylor,Bob Swift,Cliff Mapes,Dick Bartell,Dick Littlefield,Don Kolloway,Fred Hutchinson,Hal White,Jerry Priddy,Joe Ginsberg,Johnny Groth,Johnny Lipon,Ken Johnson,Marlin Stuart,Matt Batts,Neil Berry,Pat Mullin,Paul Foytack,Steve Souchock

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