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1952 New York Yankees World Series Press Pin

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1952 New York Yankees World Series Press Pin

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The Yankees of 1952 once again faced off against their borough rivals from Flatbush to determine the World’s Champions. In celebration of that event, the New Yorks returned to the now firmly identifying patriotic top hat as their press pin theme. In relative terms, the design of this pin was more substantial in dimension (and weight, for that matter). The manifold detailing was difficult to render in manufacturing the pin – and most surviving specimens bear conspicuous disappointments, particularly in enameling. This example, however, is far superior in that its white enamel is faultless. As well, we note that the plating is uniform thorough and without a trace of tarnish. Our only qualification to report is a very small scratch in the red enamel thereby reducing the piece to NrMT. And with its threaded post, the pin retains its original nut.

1952,New York Yankees,Pin,Press,Uniform,World Series,Yankees 

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