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1954 Cincinnati Redlegs Team-Signed Ball (30 Sigs.)

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1954 Cincinnati Redlegs Team-Signed Ball (30 Sigs.)

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Do note that as the Cold War intensified in the mid-50s, the Cincinnati Reds modified their identity to “Redlegs.” Furthermore, the stamping on this unofficial (MacGregor) baseball declares simply “Cincinnati Baseball Club.” To be sure, it is a quality ball…mildly and uniformly toned, yet abundantly EX/MT. The commanding delight in this one, however, is that it holds 30 different autographs – all of them cleanly distinct to a minimum quality of “8” – and they distill to that franchise’s 1954 roster. Signing were the entirety of the starting lineup, the starting rotation, prominent bullpen figures, the very able manager, and the strong utility corps. That it dates to ’54 is solidified in that Nino Escalera and Moe Savransky appear on the ball – both of them making the squad that season only. Signing the sweet spot were the aforementioned Escalera and Herm Wehmeier (aesthetically, the latter is among the most beautiful signatures in our industry). Continuing about the panels, we discover the autographs of Bobby Adams, Fred Baczewski, Ed Bailey, Dick Bartell, Gus Bell, Bob Borkowski, Rocky Bridges, Jackie Collum, Tom Ferrick, Art Fowler, Jim Greengrass, Chuck Harmon (Cincinnati’s first Afro-American player), Howie Judson, Ted Kluszewski, Hobie Landrith, Roy McMillan, Lloyd Merriman, Joe Nuxhall, Harry Perkowski, Bud Podbielan, Wally Post, Ken Raffensberger, Moe Savransky, Andy Seminick, Frank Smith, Birdie Tebbetts, Johnny Temple, and Corky Valentine.

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