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1954 Wilson Franks Enos Slaughter Card

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1954 Wilson Franks Enos Slaughter Card

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Though too often cited with a disparaging glint as "wiener cards," the Wilson Franks regional issue of 1954 is today solemnly revered by advanced collectors. Beautifully hued, full-dimensioned (2-5/8" x 3-3/4"), and projecting images unique to that insert production, Wilson’s are also painfully rare. Among their number is this rendering of eventual Hall of Famer, Enos Slaughter. This one has been assessed by trong>PSA as trong>EX 5, and in consideration of its original packaging and its scarcity, the card is a marvel in preservation. It has merited this grade as a function of light/mild corner wear and a small product stain appearing in the benign background. Ideal for the high-intensity regional collector, or for the hobbyist pursuing elusive sample cards. 

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