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1955 Dodgers World Series Press Pin

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1955 Dodgers World Series Press Pin

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In a relative sense, the 1955 Brooklyn World Series press pin is no scarcer that any of its peers (which, conversely, doesn’t mean that it’s ‘common’). However, it’s appeal to the collecting community obviously springs from that season’s victory – the sole World Series triumph through the entire franchise history in Flatbush. The pin is reminiscent of the ’53 Dodger except that the cap is smaller and it foregrounds a white field (a stubborn color in the creation of enameled pins). In an effort to avert any disappointment in the final National League standings, the Dodgers identified the piece “1955” in relief on the reverse, although they won the pennant by a comfortable margin. Despite its unassuming image, the ’55 Dodger pin is tough to attain in superlative condition – due principally to the expanse of white enamel. This one, however, is virtually above reproach. It is fully enameled – both blue and white – with not a hint of imperfection in the material. So too, is the silver plating fully consistent. The reverse bears the proper identification, and the piece remains unaltered, with its threaded post and corresponding original nut. NM/MT.

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