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1955 New York Yankees World Series Press Pin

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1955 New York Yankees World Series Press Pin

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Meaningful for both Yankee and Brooklyn Dodger enthusiasts, the 1955 Yankees World Series press pin is a "must" for advanced collectors of vintage New York baseball relics. Here available is one of the Yankee press pins dispensed for that Fall Classic. Though not identified on the piece (which is universal to the species), it was manufactured by Balfour. Without exception, all ’55 Yankee pins bear a very slight "pinkish" hue in the white enamel…and such is very lightly evident in this one. The pin’s design necessitated numerous areas of intricate loops requiring very fine enameling, and too frequently, these appear with so-called "enamel voids" in those spaces. This particular piece, however, is thoroughly enameled – a beautifully produced pin. Equally, the plated surfaces are above criticism. The pin includes its original nut, and we present the pin as Near Mint condition.     

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