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1955 Ty Cobb TLS to Danny Goodman, Former VP of Dodgers

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1955 Ty Cobb TLS to Danny Goodman, Former VP of Dodgers

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Danny Goodman was a pioneer in the truest sense. The man who spearheaded the promotion of the Dodgers when they moved out west, Goodman is credited with inventing the sports souvenir marketing industry.
Spending his adolescence and entire adult life in the concessions business, Goodman was a natural to run the Dodgers marketing staff since he worked for several major league teams before joining the Dodgers staff exclusively. His official title was Vice President and Director of Advertising and Promotion. It was Goodman who developed the Dodgers’ bobble head giveaway promotion. The executive was also one of Walter O’Malley’s first hires when he moved the team to Los Angeles.

Because he was a marketing dynamo, Goodman rubbed elbows with many sports icons. Offered for the first time are a number of Goodman&rsquo,s treasured keepsakes from his long career with the Dodgers. AMI has the honor of offering some of Goodman&rsquo,s personal mementos such as a Ty Cobb hand written letter, autographed bats signed to Goodman or his son Joe, game used bats from Dodger greats and other assorted photos.
Away from the field, Goodman also organized almost 200 roasts of celebrities. Even Goodman was roasted a few times.
Although he preferred a low-key approach, Goodman developed key connections through his years of service to the Dodgers. Permanently enshrined in the Southern California Jewish Hall of Fame, Goodman was a fixture in the Dodgers and left an indelible mark on the franchise.
We have reference photos on-line of Goodman working for the Dodgers. They are not part of the listing.

A darker spirit of Ty Cobb characterizes this one-page typed missive from 1955. It was early December and Cobb acknowledged a Christmas gift that Danny Goodman had earlier sent him. But the central theme of this letter eddies around misfortunes that the Hall of Famer had recently suffered. Goodman was later a prominent figure in the Dodgers organization, and a confidant as Cobb’s narrative is non-specific and he signed it simply “Ty.” In full, the letter reads:

Dear Danny:

I am in receipt of your Christmas offering. I cannot express to you my appreciation for your thought in remembering me.

As you know, I have been inflicted with recent worries and troubles. Please believe me, this has all been wrong, and one Ty Cobb has and will come out of it [sic] as God wills, which is on the side of right. I would sure like to see you sometime soon. If you are up this way let me hear from you – if I am down there I will call you.

My very kindest regards to Ray and very best to you. Thanking you again for your thought, I am, Sincerely, [signed] Ty.

We don’t know what these woes were all about – perhaps it was his failing marriage (his second, to Frances Fairburn). In any event, there is certainly conveyed in this letter a kinship, as evidenced in the first-name signature. That signing was placed in blue ballpoint (a departure from his familiar green), and with his typical underscoring flair, it’s about “7” in quality, as it evinces a slightly errant ink deposit.

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