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1956 Dodgers World Series Press Pin

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1956 Dodgers World Series Press Pin

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Requisite to the accelerated press pin collection is a representation of the ’56 Dodger pin. Its scarcity is no myth. The storied Larsen performance in Game 5 of that World Series, is absolutely unrelated to the dearth of this piece. Instead, the more credible explanation is that the purchase order for Brooklyn’s pin that year was no mean expense. The standard called for a difficult, elongated bat which, in turn, was to be equipped with an elaborate alligator clasp for its attachment. Over the years, a very few of these have been discovered with a threaded post, and the configuration of these latter serve little doubt as to their legitimacy. The one we offer here, as yet another alternative, is furnished with a brooch attachment (a safety needle running parallel to the reverse, and then anchored by a swivel clasp). It has been carefully examined by an informed source in Western Pennsylvania who fairly pioneered the popularity of press pins in the hobby’s infancy. It is his assessment that this pin has never been violated, and that it dates to the initial order placed with Dieges & Clust in 1956. There is utterly no evidence that it has sustained any transformation at the hands of even the most accomplished jeweler. And the manufacturer’s logo appearing on the reverse is finely detailed and precisely distinct, which is nearly impossible to replicate. This one is the real deal; one with an attachment that may be unique, and most certainly original. The central features of the pin itself showcase a silver-plated bat (which is usually scratched), and the obligatory blue cap. The latter is enameled, as it should be, and its surface is flawless. Likewise, the plated bat is virtually without blemish with only a remote inconsistancy of a very slight bend in the handle to accommodate the unconventional brooch. This one is a masterpiece in condition, and worthy of acceptance into the most discriminating collection.

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