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1957 Pittsburgh Pirates Team-Signed Ball w/24 Sigs.

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1957 Pittsburgh Pirates Team-Signed Ball w/24 Sigs.

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Pittsburgh is a proud city which backs its teams – win or lose. The Pirates were still getting their pieces in order for a championship run when this ball was signed. The 1957 version of the Bucs signed this ball, with the exception of Roberto Clemente. The offered EX/MT ONL (Giles) ball contains 20 signatures in ballpoint ink. The majority of the autographs rate “8” in quality. The ball may be traced to 1957 because Jim Pendleton and Bob Purkey only played together during the ’57 campaign. Manager Bobby Bragan’s signature has been deemed as a clubhouse by PSA/DNA. Those who signed include: Luis Arroyo, Gene Baker, Bragan (clubhouse), Hank Foiles, Bob Friend, trong>Dick Groat, Nellie King,trong> Vernon Law, Pendleton, Buddy Pritchard, Bob Purkey, Bob Smith, trong>Bill Virdon and seven others.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

1957,Ball,Championship,Pittsburgh Pirates,Signed  Bob Friend,Bob Purkey,Bob Smith,Buddy Pritchard,Gene Baker,Hank Foiles,Jim Pendleton,Luis Arroyo,Nellie King,Roberto Clemente,Vernon Law

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