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1958-66 Topps Baseball Instant Filler Collection (5000-Count Box Full)

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1958-66 Topps Baseball Instant Filler Collection (5000-Count Box Full)

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This five-chamber monster box is absolutely full of baseball cards, all Topps ranging from 1957 through 1966. The condition ranges from PR to EX/MT, and though there’s a sprinkling of star cards, these are basically commons and, of course, there’s considerable duplication. The lot is sorted by issue, but now needs to be individualized per issue. In more specific terms, there’s included here: trong>1957 – 89 cards; trong>1958 – 1153 cards; trong>1959 – 440 cards; trong>1960 – 251 cards; trong>1961 – 609 cards; trong>1962 – 72 cards; trong>1963 – 1158 cards; trong>1964 – 309 cards; trong>1965 – 304 cards; and trong>1966 – 374 cards. A grand total of over 4700 cards averaging about GD/VG with a generous number in quite acceptable condition.


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