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1958 Hires Root Beer Bobby Thomson (PSA NM-MT 8)

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1958 Hires Root Beer Bobby Thomson (PSA NM-MT 8)

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Cleverly designed to convey player images through the proverbial knothole, 1958 Hires Root Beer cards remain a favorite in our avocation. This #46 from the issue depicts fan-favorite, Bobby Thomson (of "Shot Heard ‘Round the World" acclaim). The matter at hand, however, is this offered card. Though without the unwieldy tab (the adjunct to stabilize the insertion of the cards in 6-packs of the soft drink), this card has yet earned the admiration of trong>PSA to a lofty trong>NM-MT 8. Of particular note in this one is the ideal 50/50 centering which, for this issue, is the exception and not the rule. A beautiful card from a difficult issue.  

1958,Card  Bobby Thomson

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