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1959 Topps Baseball Complete Set

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1959 Topps Baseball Complete Set

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A collector-friendly set of Topps’ standard 1959 baseball issue is now presented. The bell curve of this set’s condition is generally Excellent, and none of its cards have been professionally graded. Because the issue is noted for its scarcer 7th Series cards, we’ve isolated their condition report. In greater detail, there are highlighted here:
pan style=”font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;”>LOW #’s
pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>4% NM/better to include #’s 147 Banks et al, 155 Enos Slaughter and 270 Gil Hodges.

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>17% EX/MT to include #’s 212 Aaron/Mathews, 260 Early Wynn, 317 Mays/Ashburn, 380 Hank Aaron, 439 Brooks Robinson, 467 Aaron (action) and 478 Roberto Clemente.

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>47% EX to include #’s 1 Ford Frick, 20 Duke Snider, 30 Nellie Fox, 50 Willie Mays, 163 Sandy Koufax, 180 Yogi Berra, 202 Roger Maris, 300 Richie Ashburn, 310 Luis Aparicio, 338 Sparky Anderson, 390 Orlando Cepeda, 415 Bill Mazeroski, 430 Whitey Ford, 455 Larry Doby, 457 Dodgers team and 461 Mantle (action).

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>22% VG/EX to include #’s 40 Warren Spahn, 102 Felipe Alou, 350 Ernie Banks, 360 Al Kaline, 387 Don Drysdale, 435 Frank Robinson and 450 Eddie Mathews.

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>10% VG/reduced to include #’s 10 Mickey Mantle and 150 Stan Musial.

pan style=”font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;”>HIGH #’s
pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>4% NM/better to include #’s 509 Norm Cash and 561 Hank Aaron A.S.

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>23% EX/MT to include #560 Luis Aparicio.

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>44% EX to include #’s 514 Bob Gibson, 529 Pirates team, 562 Al Kaline A.S., 563 Willie Mays A.S., 564 Mickey Mantle A.S. and 571 Warren Spahn A.S.

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>20% VG/EX to include #’s 510 Yankees team, 543 Clemente et al, 552 Casey Stengel A.S. and 559 Ernie Banks A.S.

pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>9% VG/reduced to include #’s 515 Harmon Killebrew and 550 Roy Campanella.

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