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1960 Detroit Tigers Team-Signed Ball (Appling, Colavito, Cash et al.)

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1960 Detroit Tigers Team-Signed Ball (Appling, Colavito, Cash et al.)

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The only remote protest to cite in this team-signed ball is that the medium is an unofficial (quality, but souvenir). It holds all the meat and potatoes of the 1960 Detroit Tigers – complete with the standard lineup and the regular pitching rotation. This squad had its share of exciting sluggers, but they wilted in the clutch. Instead, the ’60 Tigers had a great mound corps, but couldn’t pull the team out of the second division. The ball remains in strong EX/MT condition, and all the signatures, 24 of them, are readily discernible – averaging about “8”. Billy Hitchcock and Jimmy Dykes command the sweet spot. We’re then treated to the autographs of Hank Aguirre, trong>Luke Appling, Lou Berberet, Steve Bilko (played for Detroit in 1960 only), Frank Bolling, Bob Bruce, trong>Jim Bunning, Norm Cash, Neil Chrisley, Rocky Colavito, Chico Fernandez, Paul Foytack, Johnny Groth, trong>Al Kaline, Frank Lary, Charlie Maxwell, Tom Morgan, Don Mossi, Ray Semproch, Dave Sisler, Red Wilson, and Eddie Yost. (Note: very slight mussing on Kaline and Bunning. Also, this was the only year that Appling coached in Detroit.)

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1960,Ball,Detroit Tigers  Billy Hitchcock,Bob Bruce,Charlie Maxwell,Dave Sisler,Don Mossi,Eddie Yost,Frank Bolling,Frank Lary,Hank Aguirre,Jimmy Dykes,Johnny Groth,Lou Berberet,Neil Chrisley,Paul Foytack,Ray Semproch,Rocky Colavito,Steve Bilko,Tom Morgan

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