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1960s Baseball and Football Player Transistor Radios (2)

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1960s Baseball and Football Player Transistor Radios (2)

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Each with their original illustrated retail boxes are these two trendy AM radios. The commendable quality of their craftsmanship (as well as their absence of an FM band) suggests that they were made in the late ’60s. Implied here is that one could fashionably tune in to follow sporting events, and impress public onlookers. As a matching pair, each is held in a two-piece box measuring 8-3/4″ x 11″ x 1-1/2″; internally, each figural radio is immobilized in a form-fitting plastic tray. The lid on the baseball piece approaches EX/MT with only minor surface wear. The lid to the football radio is VG/EX, due to damage appearing toward the lower aspect. (The image of this footballer is a near infringement on Joe Namath.) The radios (though appearing to be virgin), are about EX due to minor damage to their applied decals. Both of them stand, very securely as intended, and measure about 9-1/2″ vertically.

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