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1960’s Gil Hodges Game-Worn Mets Heavy Warmup Jacket

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1960’s Gil Hodges Game-Worn Mets Heavy Warmup Jacket

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Gil Hodges is still revered by Dodgers and Mets fans alike as a great player (wake up Cooperstown), manager and baseball man. This jacket was worn by Hodges during his final years as a player (1962-1963) as a NY Met – and judging by the use, also as their skipper in 1968 and beyond. The jacket has a navy blue wool exterior with a satin orange inner lining. The sleeve, waist and collar are all made of stretch ribbed cotton-nylon blend, but the former two have orange/white striping while the collar is plain blue. Above the front left pocket is a gorgeous raised chenille stiched interlocking NY in brilliant orange. The seven snap button front in royal blue also offers contrast. The inner left side sports triple tagging sewn in tandem: the early 60’s green size 42 MacGregor label, a customization swatch (indecipherable) and a cleaning instructions designator. The collar sports a metal chain hanging device and beneath in a 3” x 3 1/2” cream canvass swatch. A bold 14 is centered and well worn and a smaller identifier (GH?) is scratched out on the top left. The jacket shows multiple seasons wear with no less than four major repairs. The left sleeve sports a well worn Mets patch. It is uncertain whether Hodges used the jacket in ’62 and part of ’63 and again upon his return in ’68……or if it was also used prior to his return by Ron Swoboda or Ken Boyer, but suffice it to say during its days, it graced Gil’s back in the Polo Grounds.

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