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1961 Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers Handwritten Letter.

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1961 Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers Handwritten Letter.

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Great letter with great content revealing the essence of Lombardi as the master coach, administrator and man. In this handwritten page, he replies to Memphis State’s Bob Vanatta, who has contacted Lombardi regarding a position he believes has opened on the Green Bay Packers staff. In his reply, dated February 8th, 1961, Lombardi basically rejects Vanatta for the position, but gracefully shoulders responsibility for the turn of events and in the process, not only maintains the friendship, but effectively enhances it, stating he had been travelling and if the letter had been received prior, Lombardi tells Vanatta he “would have been pleased to have you as a member of our organization”, and that he had “planned to contact (him). Whether that’s true will never be known, and that’s just the point. Lombardi understood the value of relationships and loyalty, and this letter of rejection transitions into a rather glowing assessment of Vanatta. (Scroll down for complete content). Lombardi would typically reply to correspondence on the back of the letter received, whereupon his secretary would type a formal letter for him to sign. This is the original handwritten response from Lombardi (in legible blue ink) and was obtained directly from his ex-secretary. The two handwritten paragraphs fill the entire page. Included is Vanatta’s original letter on Memphis State letterhead, with Lombardi’s response on the reverse and a file copy of the final typed draft and reply. Unique, and one-of-a-kind, much like its author. EX/MT.

February 8, 1961

Mr Robert Vanatta, Athletic Department, Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee.

Dear Bob: I am deeply sorry for my tardiness in answering your letter of November 20th, however, I have been travelling quite extensively since December the 3rd and have just recently returned to my office.

I had tentative agreements with the two other men, before the arrival of your letter, and if they did not accept, I planned to contact you. I would have been pleased to have you as a member of our organization. Please give my regards to your family.

Sincerely, Vince Lombardi, Head Coach & General Manager.

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