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1962 Bob Aspromonte Houston Colt 45s Game-Worn Flannel Jersey (Classic ‘Smoking Pistol’ Logo)

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1962 Bob Aspromonte Houston Colt 45s Game-Worn Flannel Jersey (Classic ‘Smoking Pistol’ Logo)

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It’s not so much that Colt .45 home flannels are rare. They were a popular three-year style and they’ve made their way to hobbydom with measured frequency.
It is simply that their beauty is so compelling that every game-used jersey collector wants one. Couple that sentimental determination with the fact that this Aspromonte version is from the inaugural season (and that it’s completely intact and in impeccable condition), and you’ve got a serious piece of baseball history from the mosquito-infested infield of old Colt Stadium.
Our pictures speak for themselves – the brilliant orange, navy-and-white chenille logo retains its full luster, and all the original buttons remain. The creamy-hued flannel is utterly without blemish. The back number “14” is original and its felt surface and accenting orange background haven’t lost a spec of surface richness. The Wilson 42 tail label is the bold oversized variety, itself taking on a creamy surface hue consistent with the jersey body…..and to accentuate it all, a chain link ‘62’ year designator sewn to a swatch of stretchy ribbed durene……WOW! And by the way, the Brooklyn born Aspro was a 13-year everyday player whose first solid season in the bigs (149 games, 142 hits, 11 HRs, .266) was with the expansion 1962 Colts .45’s.

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