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1962 Detroit Tigers Team-Signed Ball (w/Kaline and Cash)

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1962 Detroit Tigers Team-Signed Ball (w/Kaline and Cash)

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In the ten-team American League circuit of 1962, the Tigers fared only a fourth-place finish. However, they thrilled the crowds in slugging as they united to post the lead in clouts that year. In the course of 1962, twenty-nine of them signed this offered OAL (Cronin) baseball. The ball is uniformly white, and the perfectly balanced signatures are all about “trong>8” in quality. Paul Foytack and manager Bob Scheffing penned the sweet spot. Then (alphabetically), the panels hold Hank Aguirre, Steve Boros, Dick Brown, Billy Bruton, trong>Jim Bunning, Jerry Casale, Norm Cash, Phil Cavarretta, Rocky Colavito, Chico Fernandez, Tom Ferrick, Doug Gallagher, Sam Jones (thus affirming the vintage), trong>Al Kaline, Ron Kline, Frank Lary, Charlie Maxwell, Dick McAuliffe, Bubba Morton, Don Mossi, George Myatt, Ron Nischwitz, Larry Osborne, Phil Regan, Mike Roarke, Vic Wertz, and Jake Wood. Though Kaline and Bunning are Hall of Famers, we’re particularly appreciative of the signatures of Norm Cash, Colovito and Sam Jones.

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1962,American League,Ball,Detroit Tigers,Signed  Billy Bruton,Bob Scheffing,Charlie Maxwell,Dick Brown,Dick McAuliffe,Don Mossi,Doug Gallagher,Frank Lary,George Myatt,Hank Aguirre,Jake Wood,Jerry Casale,Larry Osborne,Mike Roarke,Paul Foytack,Phil Cavarretta,Phil Regan,Rocky Colavito,Ron Kline,Ron Nisch

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