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1962 N.Y. Mets Team-Signed Ball (First Season w/Ruffing)

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1962 N.Y. Mets Team-Signed Ball (First Season w/Ruffing)

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Oh, it’s a little rough in condition, but then so too were the 1962 Mets who signed it. Embraceably inept, the New York Mets coursed their way through their inaugural campaign – 1962 – sustaining 120 defeats. (Those of us who remember that season seriously questioned the durability of expansion in the National League; the matter really was in doubt.) Undaunted (seemingly), 26 of them that year reluctantly autographed this unofficial Spalding baseball. It’s a quality ball, to be sure, but it has sustained moderate staining over the years (appearing to be mildew), which has obscured a few of the signings. Nonetheless, we’re able to identify all but one of them. A clubhouse signing of Stengel appears on the sweet spot. Then, alphabetically (for the reader’s convenience), the panels hold Craig Anderson, Chris Cannizzaro, Elio Chacon, Choo Choo Coleman (signed twice), Cliff Cook, Roger Craig, Ray Daviault, Solly Hemus, Rick Herrscher, Jim Hickman, Jay Hook, Bill [Willard] Hunter, Rod Kanehl, Red Kress, Al Jackson, Ken MacKenzie, Bob Miller, Bob Moorhead, Charlie Neal, Joe Pignatano, trong>Red Ruffing (“trong>6”), Sammy Taylor, Frank Thomas, Marv Throneberry, and Gene Woodling.

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1962,Ball,New York Mets,Signed  Al Jackson,Bob Miller,Bob Moorhead,Charlie Neal,Chris Cannizzaro,Cliff Cook,Craig Anderson,Frank Thomas,Gene Woodling,Jay Hook,Jim Hickman,Joe Pignatano,Ken MacKenzie,Rod Kanehl,Roger Craig,Sammy Taylor

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