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1963 Jim Umbricht Game-Worn Colt 45s Flannel Jersey

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1963 Jim Umbricht Game-Worn Colt 45s Flannel Jersey

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When Jim Umbricht left the mound on September 29, 1963 for the Colt 45’s, little did he or anyone know at the time that it would be his final appearance. The promising reliever was a menacing figure at 6’ 4”, 215 pounds and his ERA in his two seasons for the young franchise were 2.01, 134 apearances, and 2.61 (35 appearances). Sadly, Umbricht was stricken with cancer and died on April 8, 1964. His presence, courageous battle and sudden demise touched the club so intensely that his #32 was the first number ever retired by the Colt’s 45’s/Astros.

This rare Umbricht representation is from his final season of 1963 and was given to the family by the club. The wonderfully aged and creamy hued home flannel features a fabulous and still brilliant chenille stitched Colts/smoking pistol front in white, midnight navy and orange. The 7-button front remains intact and functional, while a Wilson size 46 label and felt year swatch (63) decorate the lower left front tail. A swatch repair four inches to the side of the tail label is the only minor blemish and appears to have been team instituted.

Umbricht’s #32 has been removed from the verso as has a #59, which was probably installed for training camp/minor league usage in 1964. Faint outline remnants of each remain, the #59 outline more visible than the #32 as would be expected. Fortunately from an aesthetic point of view, not even a pinhole of removal degradation appears, and from normal viewing distance, the jersey back looks blank.

Even the most novice flannel collector would recognize the jersey’s principle value, displayability, and beauty, as “the front,” which houses one of the most desirable and beloved identifiers of the flannel area. The jersey’s girth and significant extra length are befitting Umbricht’s 6’ 4”, 215 pound frame, and this historical jersey stands proud as one of the best examples of Colt 45’s flannel which exists, despite the missing back number. Jim Umbricht’s courageous story touched the hearts of Colts/Astros fans as well as the rest of the baseball world, and this jersey front radiates both early ‘60’s beauty and love for the athlete dying young.

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