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1963 LOOK All-America Team-Signed Football (Brown, Butkus, Eller)

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1963 LOOK All-America Team-Signed Football (Brown, Butkus, Eller)

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This official Voit football features autographs of several players named to the 1963 pan style=”font-style: italic;”>LOOK magazine All-America team. Featured in various-colored pen inks are the following signatures: Scott Appleton (Texas), Bob Brown (Nebraska), Vern Burke (Oregon State), pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Dick Butkus (Illinois), Carl Eller (Minnesota), Jim Grisham (Oklahoma), Sherman Lewis (Michigan State), Billy Lotheridge (Georgia Tech) and Rick Redman ( Washington). Of the 25 signatures on the ball, six are those of recent Bowl Queens (Bluebonnet, Orange, Sugar, Cotton, Gator, and Liberty). Even noted football writer Blackie Sherrod penned his name. The ball and its commemorative stampings are in NM condition. The pebbling is undamaged and the laces are taut.

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1963,Ball,Commemorative,Football,Magazine  Bob Brown,Carl Eller,Rick Redman,Sherman Lewis

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