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1963 Willie Mays Game-Worn Flannel Pants

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1963 Willie Mays Game-Worn Flannel Pants

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The “Say Hey” Kid wore uniforms from many a different manufacturer’s during his 20 plus seasons with the Giants – Mac Gegor, Spalding, Wilson, Rawlings, Goodman, and Mc Auliffe among them.
This pair of well worn pants were donned by Mays during the 1963 season when he hit .314 with 38 homers and 103 RBI’s, and made the 14th of 24 All-Star appearances.
Made by McAuliffe, the pants show significant wear and were probably used after 1963 in the minors as indicated by a markered 26 in the waistband. Three of the four buttons remain, and the side piping is about 98% intact.
The seat, crotch sections and lower front have seamed and well reinforced patch repairs, obviously the work of a team spring training seamstress because of the perfect and seamless blend of color hues and fabric.
The inner back waistband plays host to no less than five identifiers, three of which are oversized and in bold black chain link stitching, a style used consistently In the late 1950’s, and through the ‘60’s flannel era.
“Mays” in script as well as 32 (waist) and 26 (inseam) match Mc Auliffee Red Sox and A’s exemplars of the period. A partially frayed Mc Auliffe manufacturer label and a ’63 year designator are also present.
Through creamed out and dirt stained, these trousers, with a few delicate soakings and washings, would brighten up and be prepped to majestically accompany any Mays home flannel jersey from the early to mid ‘60’s.

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