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1963 Wire Photo – Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald

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1963 Wire Photo – Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald

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The story is well known, of course, and the mystery yet remains unsolved. Two days after Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in the Kennedy assassination, the accused was to be transfered from the Dallas city lock-up to the county jail. Ushered by a staff of police officers, Oswald didn’t make it past the basement garage complex. There, Jack Ruby, in a flash, assailed the villain with a pistol, and delivered a fatal bullet. Immediately, news wires across the country were buzzing with this split-second image. Offered here is what we believe is termed a Type 2 UPI photograph of that event. It measures 13-1/2″ x 8-1/4″, and includes flanking detail not commonly seen in the very famous image. On the reverse, there appears the paper caption affixed, and it provides a lengthy narrative of the event. We note in its heading “New York Bureau“, and in its conclusion, “This picture is not for use by magazines at any time. It is not for use by network television before 7:00 am EST Nov 25, 1963.” Minor damage appears along the right border, and some faint photo-editing lines are apparent, but this photograph is otherwise EX/MT.

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