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1965-66 Wilson Showcase Football

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1965-66 Wilson Showcase Football

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Wilson is till the king of footballs, because if you’ve got this NFL, then you are football. There was a time when the Wilson football empire extented through all far reaches of the USA. Yeah, the CFL used Rawlings and so did the upstart AFL because they were forced to, but Wilson with its Duke and college balls was defacto king. This beautiful cowhide once resided in the showcase of Wilson’s sporting goods CEO. It was a symbol of supremecy and showcased all the college bowls that used the Wilson ball during the 1965-66 period. Stamped into the ball under the Wilson TD logo is “BOWL ADOPTIONS 1965-66” and sprinkled in all corners of the ball are stampings of the various major Bowls using the Wilson football-among them the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, East-West, North-South, Blue-Gray, Camellia, Pro Bowl Etc..
A fabulous 60’s display item to augment any college football jersey, helmet, football or memorabilia collection.

100% Authentic Team


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