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1965 Bo Diddley Signed Performance Contract

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1965 Bo Diddley Signed Performance Contract

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Signed “Shaw Artists” performance contract dated “4th day of June, 1965” guaranteeing the services of rhythm and blues pioneer and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Bo Diddley; “The Originator”, whose trademark “shave and a haircut” beat influenced a multitude of bands and performers since the early-60s. The contract promises Bo $1100 for two days, three shows a night; a hefty sum in ’65 dollars. From Buddy Holly to the Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds to Bruce Springsteen, Diddley’s influence and style have resonated in popular music for 50 years. The value in this piece derives from its virtue as a bona fide famous musician’s performing contract. The Bo Diddley signature, however, is an authorized surrogate, as indicated by “…per M P.”

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1965,Signed  Bo Diddley,Bruce Springsteen,Buddy Holly

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