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1965 The Beatles “Rubber Soul” In-Store Display Poster

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1965 The Beatles “Rubber Soul” In-Store Display Poster

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For Beatles’ fans the 1965 Christmas season was a significant period. While previous albums contained cover tracks, “pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>Rubber Soul” is best appreciated as a complete body of work. “It was the first album to present a more matured Beatles to the world. For the first time albums were being appreciated at a new level and not as compilations. Capitol Records was certain that pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>”Rubber Soul” would be a remarkable seller and had ready a promotional poster, featuring a sepia and white enlargement of the front album cover with “THE BEATLES” is in red followed by “12 BRAND NEW SONGS” is in sepia print. The same color pattern was repeated for “Never Before Available in the U.S.A”. and the Capitol. In the spirit of the Christmas holiday and to further connect with the younger generation, this in-store poster boasted that the album was “GREAT FOR GIVING! OR JUST GROOVY LISTENING!” Capitol’s efforts more than paid off. This superlative – and rare- poster measures 22″ X 34¼” and the condition of this example is breathtaking. It is in MINT factory condition displaying only the original mailing folds that occurred on shipping it to retailers. The poster has been carefully preserved and stored flat. The factory folds remain minimal and slight. The magnificence of the overall condition is proof positive that this gem was never displayed as intended.


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