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1966-67 Joe Namath A.F.L. Game Worn Helmet.

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1966-67 Joe Namath A.F.L. Game Worn Helmet.

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Joe Namath was undoubtedly the official glamour boy of the AFL, having put the league on the Pro Football map with his unheard of $400,000 contract in 1965.

Broadway Joe brought instant respectability to the fledging league in 1965, and by January 1969, he boldly predicted and delivered a Super Bowl III victory over the Colts as a twenty-point underdog, effectively bringing the N.F.L. to its knees prior to the merger. Namath’s heroics and passing prowess were a standard of excellence and beauty, and this Namath Jets helmet parallels that lofty perch.

The Riddell helmet is the classic and favored RK2 bubble eared shell which Namath only used early in his career. The traditional double green stripes adorn the outer shell from front bumper to back lip, and the original grey front bumper, always noticeable on Namath’s headgear, is present on front. The Jets’ logos are well “creamed” and their upward angulation between the two side suspension bolts are ’60’s “specific”. The original BD-9 2-bar tubular mask is present and is representative of Broadway Joe’s first three seasons in the AFL (1965-1967).

The original chinstrap, not often found with these ’60’s suspension relics, is intact with the proper Riddell font style and patent stamping.

The shell’s interior is also complete with leather jaw pads, crown donut, proper embedded size markings (7 1/4″ size and level two lower neck pad identifier), well-worn forehead band and peg padding supports.

While the Jets never wore outer shell numeral identifiers – from their 1963 start through to the late ’70’s change to green helmets, there are two wonderfully aged #12 interior shell identifiers and another athletic tape swatch with “NAMATH” in laundry marker over the right ear hole.

The supporting provenance on this helmet is superlative. It was given by Namath to a prominent New Orleans restaurateur and was displayed in various eateries and bars owned by the family for over 30 years along with other AFL helmets of Lance Alworth, Johnny Robinson, Billy Cannon, Bob Griese, etc. Many of these helmets were displayed for extended periods of time and were subject to extremely smoky conditions and were covered with nicotine. The helmet has painstakenly cleaned to the point where it looks in playable condition. Save for a slight aroma which adds to its allure, it still has dings, a slight crack and the normal battle scars.

The helmet was signed on both sides of the outer shell by Namath and the rifle-armed QB, known for his sentimental affinity for the beloved A.F.L., was nearly brought to tears when he held it for the first time in over three decades.

This 1966/1967 Namath game helmet is a perfect 10+, and is definitely the greatest Namath game-worn item offered to date. It may not best Namath’s Super Bowl III jersey or a rookie jersey or helmet, but its majestic presence embodies the A.F.L.’s meteoric rise, and captures the allure of a young and healthy late ’60’s Broadway Joe.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, 100% Authentic Team

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