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1966 Chicago Bears Team-Signed Football (42 Sigs. w/Brian Piccolo, Sayers, Butkus)

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1966 Chicago Bears Team-Signed Football (42 Sigs. w/Brian Piccolo, Sayers, Butkus)

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The 1966 Chicago Bears didn’t wow many in the National Football League, although the team did feature the likes of Brian Piccolo and Hall of Famers Billy Wade, Dick Butkus, Doug Atkins, Mike Ditka and Gale Sayers. Of course, Piccolo is the most popular signature because of his untimely death only three years later. The average autograph (42 total) on this ball is "8", but we must report Piccolo is in a reduced state ("6"). "Chicago Bears 1966" is engraved on a panel of this Wilson ball (which doesn’t hold air). Signatures include: Duane Allen, Jon Arnett (2), Atkins, Charlie Brown (2), Doug Buffone, Ronnie Bull, Rudy Bukich, Butkus, Jim Cadile, Frank Cornish, Ditka, Joe Fortunato, Curt Gentry, Dick Gordon, Bobby Jo Green, Joe Johnson, Jim Jones, Bob Kilcullen, Ralph Kurek, Roger LeClerc, Herman Lee, Joe Marconi, Riley Mattson, Ben McRae, Ed O’Bradovich, Richie Petitbon, Piccolo, Jim Purnell, Mike Pyle, Mike Rabold, Mike Reilly, Sayers, Brian Schweda, George Seals, Rosey Taylor, Wade, Dave Whitsell and three others.


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