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1966 Jefferson Airplane Fillmore West Poster (BG-042)

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1966 Jefferson Airplane Fillmore West Poster (BG-042)

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San Francisco rock posters are more than colorful graphic images. They represent a jumping-off point in the history of commercial art and music – the epitome of the late-60’s cultural revolution, reflecting a no-borders sensibility limited only by the artist’s imagine. They are visual, tactile evidence of an age, style and way of life which compelled legions of kids to head west and pursue lives and interests beyond those lived by their parents. They swirl and they startle and they stun. The selections offered here are vintage and original, documenting early and legendary Fillmore West shows as presented by their equally legendary promoter, Bill Graham. In addition to a title, each is also referenced by its “BG” (Bill Graham) designation, as cataloged in the bible of the hobby, “The Art of Rock.” All are in phenomenal condition, obtained directly from one of the finest vintage rock poster collections in the world.

1966,Poster  Bill Graham

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