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1967 NY Giants Fran Tarkenton Game-Worn Home Blue Durene Sand Knit Jersey -Use/Repairs COA 100% Authentic Team

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1967 NY Giants Fran Tarkenton Game-Worn Home Blue Durene Sand Knit Jersey -Use/Repairs

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Frances Asbury Tarkenton may have stood only 6 feet tall, but he managed to produce over 47,000 passing yards, throw 342 touchdown passes and with his uncanny scrambling, rushed for 3,675 more yards. While a Viking for most of his 18-year career, he sandwiched a five-year stint in Gotham (1967-71). He never quite brought the Giants out of their swoon, but he did make them exciting with the likes of Homer Jones and Bob Tucker.

This offering is a splendid royal blue durene. It sports 1 3/4″ stretch durene sleeve cuffs and has an original six-button crotch piece shell still intact. Attached to the tail is the identifying red Sand Knit label [size] “48.”  Tag reads: “Sand Knit Authentic Knitwear and Clothing, Sandknitting Mills…., Berlin, Wis. SIZE 48”

The specific Sand Knit tagging suggests the jersey body was made in 1963-64.  The jersey was numbered for game use with the “10” in 1967 when Fran Tarkenton came onto the team.  We can see the SLEEVE numeral font style “10” in the photo style matches shown in the photos with teammate and Giants Staffer, and with the 1967 March Sports Illustrated Photoshoot with Neil Leifer.  The photo style match suggests that this is the actual jersey he was wearing during the photo session.  This was Fran’s jersey that he wore during the shoot, which would be the one he wore on the field.

The “1” on the sleeve is the thinner version which is apparent on “67 Giants jersey’s. It was only in the following years that we see the numbers on the sleeve change to the wider and fatter versions.  The front numeral “1” exhibits a reduced slope at the top of the numeral and has a straighter horizontal “1” stem vs. the back “1” which exhibits a deeper slope and a pointer “1” stem.  We will see this style numeral on both back and front of the jerseys during this era as seen in the style matches.

The font style and the tagging dates the jersey to the mid/late 60’s, and being there is no name on the back, it would date the jersey to the ’67 season.

Acquiring such a fine example of a 1960’s vintage durene football jersey is a milestone to any die hard collector.  It is an ardous task hunting for the “holy grails” of game-worn jersey’s.  This jersey is a definite holy grail.  The wear is phenomenal for a Quarterback and it has nice numeral surface softness.  The crotch piece of the jersey shows absolute wear by the durene material loss due to constant abrasion.  The royal blue durene is breathtaking and the completeness of the offering is wonderfully stupifying -this is the best Tarkenton ever offered.

The provenance is from the girl who was dating Fran Tarkenton and obtained the jersey from his closet.  We obtained the jersey directly from the girls nephew.  She gave this jersey to her nephew with the story of how she obtained it.

Expert Authenticator, Roger Gibson, has also inspected and verified this jersey and finds conclusively that this is Fran Tarkenton’s game worn jersey.

To note, we would mention that it was not out of the ordinary that jerseys during this era were used by one player, then handed down to the next player as they did not throw jersey’s away.  This was a very prevalent practice.  Hence, the reason for the tagging era of 1963-64 but why it was worn through the 1967 season by Fran Tarkenton.

Henry Schichtle was drafted as Giants quarterback in the 1964-65 season.  He played one game. He was traded in 1965.  He was number “10”.  His presence was so nominal that he is not mentioned on any stat & players page but maybe seen on a 1964 NY Giants roster. We don’t think it much to mention him,  as his stint with the Giants was nominal nor does it add or reduce anything to the jersey.

Fran Tarkenton was drafted in the following season, 1967,  the same position of quarterback and as the same number “10.”   Due to this fact it is possible they issued Fran Tarkenton,  a jersey issued for Schichtle since a jersey such as this would not have shown much use if at all and would have been laying around the locker room and available for the next player, which was Fran Tarkenton.

Being that the provenance states this was obtained by Fran Tarkenton, would lead us to the conclusion that in fact it was worn and used by Fran Tarkenton during his 1967 season with the Giants.   A letter accompaning the jersey stating this information will be provided.

To further support the consistency of the jersey wear to that of Fran Tarkenton and NOT that of Schichtle, the jersey wear is NOT consistent to one game wear, or wear from a quarterback who sat on the sidelines, but rather is consistent with wear from a 3,088 yd and 29 touchdown season, which Fran Tarkenton had in 1967.

To the eye, it is easy to assess that Fran is pictured wearing this number font style jersey and perhaps this very jersey in the photograph pictured before the season.

100% Authentic Jersey Evaluation: After examining the material the jersey numerals remain unaltered and no other numbers have appeared on this jersey.

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1 = Signs of use (signs of being laundered if jersey)


2 = 2 or more modifications or attributes designed for/by player


3 = Positive Photo or Video Match


2 = Provenance Notarized Letter


4 = Positive direct match on all tags


3. Heavy use with no repaires

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