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1967 Thurman Munson Kent State Yearbook

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1967 Thurman Munson Kent State Yearbook

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Sharpening his skills before stardom in pinstripes, Thurman Munson pursued academia at Ohio’s Kent State University. There, in 1967, he was rostered with the institution’s baseball nine and pictured in the school’s annual yearbook, The Chestnut Burr. Sure enough, page 152 features a posed photo of the team, though there are no identity captions. The volume’s index, however, references “T. Munson” appearing on that page 152. And so, by default, we know he’s in this picture. Without his signature facial plumage, though, we can only surmise that Munson is the figure seated third from the left – he’s the guy with the crooked fingers, as we should expect a catcher’s to be. The volume is in splendid Near Mint condition.

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