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1968-69 AFL Cincinnati Bengals Game-Worn Helmet

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1968-69 AFL Cincinnati Bengals Game-Worn Helmet

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When the Cincinnati Bengals were born into the AFL in 1968, coach/owner Paul Brown prefered a simple uniform look per the order of his old Cleveland Browns club. Under Brown’s helmsmanship, the Bengals jerseys did not feature sleeve numbers and their helmets remained stripeless with a print-style nickname on each side. This helmet style would last for over a decade, until it gave way to excessive striping, and arguably, most enthusiasts would prefer the more austere trimmings of the original.
This headgear dates to the franchise’s humble beginnings in the AFL days of 1968 and 1969. The TK2 Riddell shell has a battleship gray interior and an orange exterior. A “Bengals” print logo in 2-inch black/white on clear vinyl appears on each side. The lower back shell is stamped “RIDDELL INC” and “KRA-LITE MADE IN THE USA.” Above the stampings are remnants of a 3¼” x 1” athletic tape swatch which undoubtedly bore a player’s name in training camp. The period BD9, two-bar facemask is original and intact.
The inner shell has a 12-point suspension, and it shows exceptional wear. The rubber crown doughnut is missing, and only one well-worn leather jaw pad remains.
The front snubber has been cut, probably due to player preference. Three different markered numeric identifiers appear in the shell. #37 probably identifies CB Bill Scott from the 1968 season, #86 links the headgear to TE Andre White in 1969, and #21 to RB Pat Dunn in 1970.
The overall wear is solid and the helmet remains eminently displayable – a rare relic from two AFL seasons, and the inaugural AFL season for the Queen City club.

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