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1968 Vic LaRose Cubs Game-Worn Cubs Flannel Jersey (w/150-Year Patch)

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1968 Vic LaRose Cubs Game-Worn Cubs Flannel Jersey (w/150-Year Patch)

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Two players wore #22 for the 1968 Chicago Cubs. Pitcher Bobby Tiefenauer, closing out his career, wore 22, but for a mere nine games. At 6-feet-2, 185 pounds, he would hardly have worn a size 40 jersey. Vic LaRose played all of four games in the ’68 season wearing #22, and the diminutive shortstop/second baseman would have donned a size 40 at 5-10, and 180 pounds.

But the real story here is the absolute beauty of the styling and the impeccable condition,after all, it was worn in only four games and on the bench in a handful of others. (See The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in the current issue of American Memorabilia magazine.)
The cotton dominant gray flannel is clean as a whistle, and the royal blue/fire engine red/royal blue collar and sleeve piping is bold and rich. “Chicago” and #22 on the front and verso respectively appear in royal blue on red tackle twill and compliment each other in the pronounced curvature of their font styles. The eight button front is an unusual anomaly on front.
The labeling, as has always been the case on Cubs flannel and knits, is both extensive and complete. The collar boasts a long flannel swatch with chain link identifiers (22-68-1-40), indicating player number, season, set, and size. The tail sports a Wilson size 40 label sewn in tandem with a Wilson 1968 SET 1 tag. Not to be outdone, each sleeve is decorated with colorful patches, the left with the period Cubbie patch and the right with the desireable and rare Illinois Sesquicentennial patch.

Grade it a 10 in styling, 10 in colorful brilliance, 10 in completeness and ,AMI OTC (Off The Charts) in condition.

100% Authentic Team

1968,Game-Worn,Jersey  Bobby Tiefenauer

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