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1969 Chicago Cubs Team-Signed Ball (38 Sigs.)

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1969 Chicago Cubs Team-Signed Ball (38 Sigs.)

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This ONL (Giles) ball approaches the record for the number of signatures it holds. Notated in the vicinity of the sweet spot is “1970” (although it’s the ’69 team) then proceeding across the horsehide’s surface, we count 38 signatures – clearly, all of them Chicago Cubs of that era. Equally obvious, this one was penned during Spring Training as several of the signers didn’t make the roster that year, but all of them were contracted in the Cubs’ organization. The ball is mildly stained, but there are no material blemishes of note. We introduce the detailing to report that the quality of these autographs is generally “6” or stronger…however, some of the names (five of them) defy identity as they perhaps never reached a Major League roster. Against that backdrop, we invite the reader to consider the readily apparent to include: Ted Abernathy, trong>Ernie Banks, Glenn Beckert, Randy Bobb, Johnny Callison, Larry Colton, Boots Day, Jim Dunegan, Jimmie Hall, Bill Hands, Jim Hickman, Ken Holtzman, Randy Hundley, Cleo James, trong>Ferguson Jenkins, Ken Johnson, Ron Jones, Dave Lemonds, P-Nuts Lowrey, Jim Marshall, Roger Metzger, Don Nottebart, Nate Oliver, Paul Popovich, Phil Regan, Ron Santo, Roe Skidmore, Willie Smith, Al Spangler, Earl Stephenson, Verlon Walker, trong>Billy Williams, and Don Young.

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