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1969 Seattle Pilots Game-Issued Road Flannel “Extra” Jersey (w/MLB Anniversary Patch)

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1969 Seattle Pilots Game-Issued Road Flannel “Extra” Jersey (w/MLB Anniversary Patch)

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The Seattle Pilots lasted a mere season before migrating to Milwaukee. But the Pilots’ 1969 season turned the baseball world upside down with its aesthetically triumphant uniforms. The road uniform was tailored in beautiful baby blue cotton flannel and the stretch sleeve braid included an intensely novel two-color/nine-stripe design. The "Seattle" front was uniquely fonted and accompanied by a mariner’s wheel with a baseball motif patch. All of the these road flannel gems were made by Spalding and the tail tagging was consistent – manufacturer label sewn in tandem with a size "44" tag, and a dry cleaning label with a "Set 1 1969" flag tag. The inner collar usually bore a player identity on a felt swatch. This jersey has no collar identifier because it was carted on road trips in 1969 as "an extra." Our consignor bought this particular garment directly from GM Marvin Milkes in the spring of ’70, sparing it from the usual fate – a trip to the seamstress where "Seattle" would be stripped off and replaced by "Brewers," or a minor league franchise identifier.
Milkes also directed that #1 be stitched to the verso of this one. (#1 had been worn by Ray Oyler – 5′ 11"/165 pounds – during the season and his jerseys were usually size 38 or 40.) The #1 on this jersey was team installed in proper position, materials, font and color scheme. Immaculate in condition, it remains a visual marvel and an echo of "what could have been" if lightweight cotton flannels been worn through the 1970s.

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