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1970-71 Rick Barry New York Nets ABA Game Worn Warm-up Jacket, with Notarized LOA.

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1970-71 Rick Barry New York Nets ABA Game Worn Warm-up Jacket, with Notarized LOA.

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In 1970, a young man named Donald Mottola considered himself the biggest Rick Barry fan in the tri-state area. Oh, he rooted for the rest of the New York Nets as well, but it was Barry, who grew up not far from Mottola in suburban New Jersey, that inspired him to make the fifty-mile drive through heavy metropolitan traffic to Hempstead, Long Island to support the A.B.A. team and his hometown hero. It also didn’t hurt that Barry, a new arrival from Washington, was outscoring each of his Nets teammates by at least 300 points by the end of the season. It was clear to Mottola that Barry was one of the true greats, and on his way to bigger and better days.

In the course of his tireless support of the team, Mottola became friends with Nets VP Mike Manzer, who was impressed with the lengths, literally, to which Mottola would go to show that support. One hundred miles round trip, in city traffic! As they sat together one day, watching the team warm up before a big game, Mottola explained to Manzer that while he loved the entire squad, it was Barry’s prowess that brought him to the arena, and also commented that he really liked the warm-up jackets the team wore, but nothing like them was available for purchase, adding – is there any way that Manzer could get him one of those jackets? The VeePee was noncommital at the time, but when Mottola got a call from Manzer at the close of the season, mentioning that he had a surprise for him, he instantly jumped in his car and sped off to Hempstead. Manzer greeted him there at his office, asking him, “How would you like Rick’s warm-up jacket?” No reply was necessary – it was the greatest gift Mottola ever received.

Offered here is that actual historic white fleece warm-up jacket. It’s marvelous condition is testament to the pride of ownership and how much it’s been treasured over the last 30+ years. Short of an all-but-invisible spot at the lower right tail, it looks just as it did as it did when the Hall of Fame legend wore it that day in practice. Every last painted white snap button on the front is present and functional, and not a stitch is missing from the patriotic piping on the cuffs and collar. Best of all, is the commanding “NEW YORK NETS” sewn on the back of this rare keepsake. “Rawlings [size] 42” and washing instructions tags are still present inside the lower button path. There are no handwritten markings attributing the jacket to Barry, yet this is not at all unusual. It’s typical, and the style and size is proper for Barry, and a jacket such as this could only have come from the team. Add Mottola’s two notarized handwritten letters to the equation, and we’re certainly convinced. If you’d like to speak to Mottola yourself, he has authorized American Memorabilia to supply serious bidders with his telephone number. He’s available to personally answer any questions. This is an awesome artifact from a legendary Hall of Famer officially recognized as one the “50 Greatest Players in N.B.A. History.”

100% Authentic Team

Game-Worn,Letter  Rick Barry

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