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1970 Pittsburgh Pirates Handwritten, Signed, with Inscribed Greetings. 8×10 glossy photos (Entire 1970 Team with Clemente)

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1970 Pittsburgh Pirates Handwritten, Signed, with Inscribed Greetings. 8×10 glossy photos (Entire 1970 Team with Clemente)

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In a highly unusual (but immensely welcomed) gesture, the 1970 Pittsburgh Pirates, singly, extended well-wishes to one Lance Corporal Ronald L. Stouffer. We know little about this young Marine except that he was, in 1970, convalescing in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital – presumably, a casualty in the Vietnam War. And it was against this backdrop that Stouffer received this manila envelope from the brand new Three Rivers Stadium. We don’t know if it came as any surprise to him, but in all likelihood, he was exhilarated to discover its contents. Therein, Stouffer discovered 27 different glossy 8″ x 10″s – each imaging a rostered Pittsburgh Pirate. Every one of them had been personally autographed, and nearly all of them expressed lengthy well-wishes. However, the mysteries enshrouding this benevolence continue. This particular Pirate squad was on the fast track to another championship season – now just one season distant – and their daily distractions were probably manifold. Yet all of those celebrities of the steel city expended their undivided time to lend heartening words. The photos for these individual messages are minimally EX/MT, and though we’re hard-pressed to identify their commercial application, they likely constitute a souvenir pack available to fans. All of the players and coaches represented here were with the Pirates in ’70, though we note that the font of the captions on a couple of them depart from that of the majority (and those exceptions were, in fact, recent arrivals on the roster). A variety of instruments were used in penning these, and we report that some smudging was sustained on a few of them – in their text or their autograph. Further, we note that on most of them, the greeting (only) has been erased. Our only explanation is that the players were perhaps misinformed in the first instance as to who was to receive these inscribed autographs. (That’s to say, the greeting for most evidence an erasure which has been overwritten “Ron”). Nonetheless, all are immediately legible, and their quality eddies about “8” overall. Obviously, the centerpiece of this collection is the Clemente element. This one (like most of them) bears the corrected “Ron.” In ballpoint, however, Clemente praises “One of the thousands unsung heroes of our country. Remember always that God is with you, and it is great to be alive. [signed] Roberto Clemente.” The signature is clean but because it traverses the dark characters on his jersey, we prefer to rate this signing about “7”. The spirit of all this is typified by the inscription inked by Gene Alley who comforts “I hope that this picture will help to say thanks for all you have done for our country.” As no surprise, a couple of them – Matty Alou and Manny Sanguillan – were written in Spanish. And, as should be hoped, the highlights beyond Clemente feature Stargell, Murtaugh, Mazeroski and Bob Moose. In their entirety, there are included Bruce Dal Canton, Matty Alou, Chuck Hartenstein, Bob Moose (“7”), Jerry May, Steve Blass, Luke Walker, Richie Hebner, Roberto Clemente, Jose Pagan, Don Osborn, Al Oliver (very nice inscription on the reverse), Bob Veale, Gene Alley, Manny Sanguillan, Bill Mazeroski (“10”), Dock Ellis, Fred Patek, Bill Virdon, Danny Murtaugh (mild smudge, “6”), Dave Ricketts, Bob Robertson, Joe Gibbon, Frank Oceak, Willie Stargell (overwritten, apparent “9”), Gene Garber and Dave Giusti

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