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1970s-1990s Rock ‘N’ Roll Promotional Button Collection

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1970s-1990s Rock ‘N’ Roll Promotional Button Collection

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Marketing in entertainment has always gone hand in hand. The entertainment industry spends millions of dollars in promoting various projects that range from movies to record albums. Elaborate advertising campaigns are devised to promote both the biggest stars and the unheard-of newcomers. Offered is an expansive collection of promotional buttons that was assembled by a very ambitious fan. In this collection we found a substantial number of buttons and pins that were never available commercially. Highlighted are: Cheap Trick Dream Police, policeman’s badge style; “Sayonara Sucker, 1941″, featuring John Belushi; “Who Are You,” The Who; “The River,” Bruce Springsteen; Devo; The Pretenders; Beavis & Butthead; Iron Maiden; Elton John; The Beatles; Paul McCartney; Eric Clapton; Quarterflash; Gordon Lightfoot; Pink Floyd; Culture Club; The Ramones; Julian Lennon; The Talking Heads (six-button set, sealed); Frank Zappa; The Motels, (three-button set, sealed); Top Gun (Columbia Records); “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” “The Crow City of Angels” (sealed), and much more. This massive collection consists of more than two hundred buttons and pins from the 1970s to through the ’90s.

Movie,Pin,Record  Bruce Springsteen,Elton John,Eric Clapton,Frank Zappa,Gordon Lightfoot,John Belushi,Julian Lennon,Paul McCartney

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