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1970s Jim Plunkett Game-Worn Raiders Jersey (w/Restored NOB)

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1970s Jim Plunkett Game-Worn Raiders Jersey (w/Restored NOB)

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Some would argue that Jim Plunkett’s best quarterbacking was done on the left coast for Stanford, the 49ers and of course with the Super Raiders. His four full seasons in New England weren’t exactly shabby, with 9,360 yards and 59 TD passes for the then inferior Pats. This jersey dates to his Raiders’ glory days of the early-mid ‘80s. Made by Sand Knit, the jersey is characterized by the manufacturer’s heavyweight, minimally sheened mesh in a typically aged and creamy hued state. Plunkett’s characteristic extra sleeve length is present, as is extra body length. The numeric identifiers are black tackle twill on silver textured twill, and the Raiders’ classic horizontally dominant sleeve numeral font is present. The jersey has two imperfections. The NOB has been replaced with a screened-on version which is in classic font on a correct plate, but probably from an earlier era (late ‘70s pre-season). Secondly, the inner collar bears a lone ‘80s Sand Knit 44 label without an exclusivity label accompanying it. This occurred on occasion for Sand Knit teams like the Raiders, Celtics, Rams and Knicks, but while less than optimal, it is certainly acceptable.
Plunkett gamers are relatively scarce and this one, though qualified, shows wear in the form of a back shoulder repair and a small tear on the left sleeve.

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