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1970’s Muhammad Ali’s Thoughts On Paper in His Own Hand & Pages from Ex-Wife (Lot 3) JSA Full LOA

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Winning Bid: $1,100.00

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Ali. Ali with Golden Gloves, the Knockout Man, the Greatest, the Champ. Time had been good to Ali. Life went where he went. What can there be to know that you don’t know?

In trying to peek into the answer of that question, we now can crack the door into the thoughts of the man who is regarded as the greatest boxer of all-time through his writings.  It’s a rare pleasure to witness those thoughts in this collection as he wrote down raw perceptions of his surroundings and lifestyle.

Throughout his life, Muhammad Ali met Presidents and high-ranking officials of almost every major country, stars of every level and was treated as royalty wherever he went. However, when Ali converted to Islam there was controversy and hatred that followed. It was difficult for even the press to publish his name as “Muhammad Ali”.  Within Ali’s internal human struggles of racism, personal faith and life his deep thoughts were revealed in journaling.  These handwritten words on paper are in an honest stream-of-consciousness style. They were never intended to be exposed to public viewing. The bold, ink pages written on a yellow legal notepad describe his reflection on his Islamic faith and racism with a theme in truth.

Overall, truly extraordinary personal documents. These are the third lot which consist of seven pages in the grouping.

LOT 3.  7 – Pages  read entire transcript

The full transcript can be viewed above with an excerpt appearing below:

“And today the son of truth is riseing on the Dark housing of Falsehood. And this falsehood would like to put a Great to appose the truth. Light of the truth. But it cannot be done anymore than night appose day. Regardse to its efford to do so it can not do so because light vanisheds darkness. And so does truth vanisheds falsehood. We have been here in this part of the earth for 400 years without the truth. We have not been lead into the knogle of the truth. If you had knowldge of the truth, these things would not surpise you nor would you be excited over the maufiction of the truth over falsehood. We are very much confused and are makeing fatil mastickes By not have knowlge of the truth. Unable to guide ourselves been spritily Blin we are stumbleing and falling. The White Man knowes the truth, But they don’t want us to know the truth, but they want falsehood to trymp over truth, which it cannot be done time is out for false hood. The truth must win and it is for the nightnaus, We the so Negro should be proud and happy to hear the call to come to your own, to join aunts your own. And to accept your own. You should be happy to hear such call.”

These documents were obtained from Khalilah Camacho Ali, who is the former wife of boxer Muhammad Ali,  At age 17, she married Ali 1967. After ten years, she divorced him. She had four children with Ali.  These writings were obtained from Khalilah Ali and include a copy of the Power of Attorney from Muhammad Ali.  We have not edited any of the improper spelling or grammatical errors.

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