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1970s Phillies “Hot Pants Patrol” Full Three-Piece Uniform

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1970s Phillies “Hot Pants Patrol” Full Three-Piece Uniform

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Attendance at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium was never a problem for the Phillies in the 1970s, but the rowdy folks attending often were. The front office presumed fan behavior and manners might improve by placing a small army of very attractive uniformed usherettes in the stands. The bet paid off and the girls were a huge hit, but strangely, management grew increasingly uncomfortable with the local and national media attention, and as girls left to pursue other interests, including marrying players and sportwriters, they were not replaced and the celebrated Hot Pants Patrol faded into Phillies Pholklore. Rarely (if ever) offered complete ensemble is in fabulous original condition and includes all three team-issued garments, each boasting a 1970s Phillies logo; 1) crimson jacket with brass buttons, 2) white tunic and 3) short red jumper which provided the “hot pants” factor. A must for any complete Phillies collection, and obtained directly from an ex-Hot Pantser.

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