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1972 Rolling Stones World Tour Staff Jacket (Worn by Roadie on the Tour)

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1972 Rolling Stones World Tour Staff Jacket (Worn by Roadie on the Tour)

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On June 3, 1972 in Vancouver, B.C., The Rolling Stones stepped onto the stage at the Canadian Pacific Colesium and opened what eventually turned out to be not only their most important tour but the most memorable tour in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. The tour came after the release of their finest studio masterpiece, “Exile on Main Street.” The album and the tour signaled the return of the “greatest rock and roll band.” During the last half of the 1960s it was apparent that their world was crumbling around them. The sudden death of Brian Jones cast a veil of uncertainty over their fans. Their celebrated 1969 tour was marred by the violence and bloodshed of their largest event, the free concert at the Altamont Speedway near San Francisco. Through it all, their music prevailed and they embraced the new decade with the formation of their own record label. To avoid Britain’s exorbitant taxes the Stones moved to France and began their most ambitious studio work. “Exile on Main Street” was recorded entirely in Keith Richards’ basement in Nice, France. Immediately following the record’s release The Rolling Stones announced their tour. The sale of tickets for every show set new records. In New York, you had to be a winner in a mail-in contest to be afforded the opportunity to purchase a concert ticket. The Stones tour through North America became known as the “STP” (Stones Touring Party) tour among their staff. Each show was a major production and was documented on film. Stevie Wonder was the opening act for all but one show. The staff and crew that toured with the band took part in many of the “festivities” and backstage delights that were previously an “exclusive” for the band. The Stones also treated their touring staff with custom black jackets, making them easily recognizable in the large arenas across the country. Here available is a completely original black satin jacket comemorating this historic tour. The jet black “XL,” snap-up, satin jacket is enhanced by the silk-screened dice and “Stones 1972 World Tour” on the back. Our offering celebrates the historic ’72 tour and remains one of the more difficult jackets to find.

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