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1974 Zeppo Marx Signed Check

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1974 Zeppo Marx Signed Check

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Zeppo Marx was born on February 25, 1901 in New York City. The youngest of the Marx Brothers, Zeppo was put into the role of the straight man after his brother, Gummo, left the act. After playing small parts in the first five Marx Brothers movies, Zeppo left the act to join Gummo as an agent. It is not widely known that after Zeppo left showbiz he invented a wristwatch that would monitor the pulse rate of cardiac patients. His company, Marman Products, produced clamping devices which were used in the atomic bomb raids over Japan in 1945. Zeppo died on November 30th, 1979, and his is the rarest autograph of all the Marx Brothers. Here we proudly to offer a very rare and perfect speciman of a “Zeppo Marx” signature on a check drawn from his business account in 1974

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